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Open Heart

Open Heart. i wanted to keep this one simple with a glow. Using a bright pink paint inside it produced a fantastic rosey light on the wall great ambient sexy effect. The body is painted eggshell white but textured by using tile adhesive mesh stuck to the body and painted through in layers. The cut out at the back produces a fabulous effect of spotlit perfection. A unique light from a beautiful lamp!

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Planet Pisces

Working on my new mannequin Lamp Planet Pisces.  The light source will emerge from the head and body with entwined fish logo and pierced constellation on the back and head.  At the moment I am making some clay fish to be embedded into a perspex lake to be part of the design. I'm excited about lighting this one could this be the start of planet mannequin! who knows? 

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Fallen Memorial

Found on a Mannequin Reclaim Farm in Lincolnshire owned by Roz Edwards who has a company called Mannakin, my male abandoned very Russian Looking chap sat around my studio for quite some time. Then with a germ of an idea and several pieces of reclaim that was sitting around in my studio, I set to work with my Bosch hand tool to cut out sections of the body, this is important for me as i like to think about how the light will work. I used fibreglass resin then. to make it look like the cut outs had a stone like texture. The horse headdress was a little svelter ornament, the base was removed and to be able to fit...

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