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Alien Piccasso Mannequin Lamp Art Now The Pollenator

  As usual you have an idea in your mind and it morphed into something different. Largely inspired by seasonal pollen a dead bea found on my window sill and a butterfly given to me by a friend. The cutout  panels which i had originally painted proved too busy for this idea,  so I removed them all and replaced two to hide the lamp holder inside and soften the light but also to highlight my insects s a lightbox would. There are cutout left for the light to spill back and front. The original cut out pieces were arranged over the holes to give it a more 3d effect. I think it has a really vintage decorative feel, fragile and beautiful...

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Hall Lamp

Arkaroola Dreaming Reclaimed Mannequin Art Lamp looking spectacular in a beautiful georgian house hallway. The large canvas is one of my abstracts using oil and plaster to add to the story of the Australian outback. The light at night is spectacular and during the day it is bright and cosy. A beautiful arty hallway, with unique reclaimed artwork!

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The Napoleonic Camel Saddle Chandelier

Four years ago in a flea market I bought this strange thing a Napoleonic Camel Saddle used in the French Egyptian War by the Dromedary division. I thought I would use it to make a coffee table but realising how rare it was I didn't have the heart to cut it up. It sat in my attic for a while then went to auction and wasn't sold. I had the idea of making it into a chandelier in the oldest part of my house with a vaulted ceiling. We knew we could only do it with a scaffold. So finally the reimagined Camel Saddle Chandelier has a new home and it won't be going anywhere! I love it's uniqueness. Upside...

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