Fallen Memorial

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Found on a Mannequin Reclaim Farm in Lincolnshire owned by Roz Edwards who has a company called Mannakin, my male abandoned very Russian Looking chap sat around my studio for quite some time. Then with a germ of an idea and several pieces of reclaim that was sitting around in my studio, I set to work with my Bosch hand tool to cut out sections of the body, this is important for me as i like to think about how the light will work. I used fibreglass resin then. to make it look like the cut outs had a stone like texture. The horse headdress was a little svelter ornament, the base was removed and to be able to fit onto the head partly filed down and then resined. The painting is really the bit I love when the whole comes alive. With the recent accent on political memorials I named him. What a great light he is with tubular bulb, spear, reclaimed rock from a beach in Stutton Essex set up on long hair pin legs. One of my best lamps yet !! 

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