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Hall Lamp

Arkaroola Dreaming Reclaimed Mannequin Art Lamp looking spectacular in a beautiful georgian house hallway. The large canvas is one of my abstracts using oil and plaster to add to the story of the Australian outback. The light at night is spectacular and during the day it is bright and cosy. A beautiful arty hallway, with unique reclaimed artwork!

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Planet Pisces

Working on my new mannequin Lamp Planet Pisces.  The light source will emerge from the head and body with entwined fish logo and pierced constellation on the back and head.  At the moment I am making some clay fish to be embedded into a perspex lake to be part of the design. I'm excited about lighting this one could this be the start of planet mannequin! who knows? 

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Little Alien

Little Alien started life as an abandoned mannequin. After cleaning years of neglect she was opened up by way of a Bosch hand tool. Then a paint layer, then another and another and another!! A wooden base was applied to the bottom for the fitting of some very tall hairpin legs. I made a wire shade and fitted an animal skull which I painted to the back, this gives such an amazing projection on the wall. Finally a long tubular bulb and here she is. Little Alien so very cool and quirky! The only one in the world!  

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