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fine Art Limited Edition ~Prints

For the time being I will not be making more lamps. I have been making them for ten years now and I have decided to do more of my painting and digital fine Art Prints. I still have some lamps in stock on my site you can also peruse my new beautiful jewel like prints. Many Thanks to my customers who bought my work at The Chelsea Art Fair.

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Chelsea Unsigned Artist Exhibition London

I will be exhibiting at The Chelsea Unsigned Art Exhibition in London at The Chelsea Town Hall Sat 23rd and Sun 34th Oct Link Below to claim a free ticket.  Come and say hello in the Main Hall A22 Mel  This Weekend !!!

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The Garden Chandeleir

During this pandemic I have loved giving my garden the attention it deserves, that includes this chandelier made from a vintage potato sieve. I had a couple of glass bottles with ships inside one of the Mayflower and one Spanish Galleon that I hung from the grid along with lots of decanter stoppers which are lovely for catching the light. The lamp fittings are for outdoor use teamed with vintage style filament bulbs. It's a special place to sit in the evening with a gin and tonic of course!  

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