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Alien Piccasso Mannequin Lamp Art Now The Pollenator

  As usual you have an idea in your mind and it morphed into something different. Largely inspired by seasonal pollen a dead bea found on my window sill and a butterfly given to me by a friend. The cutout  panels which i had originally painted proved too busy for this idea,  so I removed them all and replaced two to hide the lamp holder inside and soften the light but also to highlight my insects s a lightbox would. There are cutout left for the light to spill back and front. The original cut out pieces were arranged over the holes to give it a more 3d effect. I think it has a really vintage decorative feel, fragile and beautiful...

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Fallen Memorial

Found on a Mannequin Reclaim Farm in Lincolnshire owned by Roz Edwards who has a company called Mannakin, my male abandoned very Russian Looking chap sat around my studio for quite some time. Then with a germ of an idea and several pieces of reclaim that was sitting around in my studio, I set to work with my Bosch hand tool to cut out sections of the body, this is important for me as i like to think about how the light will work. I used fibreglass resin then. to make it look like the cut outs had a stone like texture. The horse headdress was a little svelter ornament, the base was removed and to be able to fit...

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Little Alien

Little Alien started life as an abandoned mannequin. After cleaning years of neglect she was opened up by way of a Bosch hand tool. Then a paint layer, then another and another and another!! A wooden base was applied to the bottom for the fitting of some very tall hairpin legs. I made a wire shade and fitted an animal skull which I painted to the back, this gives such an amazing projection on the wall. Finally a long tubular bulb and here she is. Little Alien so very cool and quirky! The only one in the world!  

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